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Kate is a physical therapist and former competitive gymnast. Afraid to lift weights in the past (back pain, used to bodyweight-only training), Kate knows firsthand how empowering it can be to build trust in your body through learning to lift a barbell.
Kate grew up spending most of her time either in the gymnastics gym or on the softball field. Starting at age 6, Kate was in a gymnastics program that involved competitive conditioning– local, regional, and national conditioning tests before being allowed to demonstrate actual gymnastics skills. This was rough for a kid who hated conditioning and wanted to just do the fun skills, but it has helped shape Kate’s coaching practice now– fundamentals and strength first, before earning the more glamorous skills like handstand walking and ring muscle ups.
After a couple years during the pandemic of working out solo and perfecting her strengths (handstand holds) and avoiding her weaknesses (back squats), Kate began looking for an inclusive, supportive gym community and found Hardware. She is excited to bring her gymnastics coaching experience to Hardware and help members learn new skills (and face some fears) as adults, like going upside down for the first time, learning a handstand, or getting a first muscle up.
Kate has a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Northwestern University and owns Outlier Physical Therapy in Andersonville.

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