Recover from the holidays & prepare for the Open with the 2017 Winter Nutrition Challenge. Whether you want to jump a hundred places forward in the regional standings this year or just get back into those pants that fit in November, this is a great time to get your diet dialed back in, right? This challenge will both help you perform better in WOD’s as well as get you out of the rut that the parties and family events put you into over the past couple months. To that end, we are going to place you on teams for the sake of parity, diversity of experience/goals, accountability and just for fun. We will launch the 4-week weight reduction & performance competition with an event on January 22, which will include weigh-ins, a discussion about nutrition & methodology, and a cute little workout. Then, just in time for you to be ready (and lighter) for the grind of the Open, the challenge will end the week of February 19 with a re-test of the workout, a final weigh-in and a party. 

Details: Cost will be $50/person. Contestants will have one week to start the challenge (ie, perform the tests) if you are unable to get to the kickoff. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winning team, and merch prizes will go to the runners-up. The challenge will be organized by Dana Fuller, so please direct all inquiries to him at [email protected].
To get this going, we need commitment from at least sixteen people, so please sign up on the google document here. The sooner 16 people sign up, the sooner we can get to work!

Hang Squat Snatch: 5×3

Conditioning (Competition):


  • Double Unders (Scale to 2x Single Unders)
  • Sit Ups

OHS: 3×3 w/ a 3 sec pause at bottom of the 1st 2 reps

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