Foundations Program:

Starting in 2016, our Foundations Classes will now meet every Thursday at 7:30PM and Saturday at 9:00AM. Foundations classes focus on developing the technique of the basic CrossFit movements, and will have a short conditioning WOD to cap off each class. Foundations Classes are open to all HWCF members, and they WILL count towards your weekly allotted classes. Our Foundations classes are a great opportunity for newer athletes to become proficient in the movements we implement in class.


Back Squat: 3×8*
*Rest 120 seconds between sets. For rep #1 pause 3 seconds at bottom. Then, try to get the remaining 7 reps done within 30 seconds


12 min AMRAP:

  • 3 Rope Climbs (scale = 10 Pull Ups)
  • 5 Power Cleans (65% – 70% 1RM)
  • 70 Double Unders (140 Single Unders)

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