2017 CrossFit Open

Registration for the 2017 CrossFit Open is live! The CrossFit Open runs from 2/23 to 3/27. That’s 5 weeks, with CrossFit announcing 1 workout/week for all CrossFitters to complete. The Open is scaleable, and we encourage everyone to give it a try. REGISTER HERE
We will be completing the Open workouts on Friday nights (in place of the Friday night classes).
On Friday, 2/17 we will be hosting a Pre-Open Friday Night Lights event. We’ll be randomly assigning athletes to teams this night, picking team names, and capping the night off with a workout!
If you have any questions about the Open, or the event on the 17th, ask a coach!


A. 1 1/4 Front Squat: 4×5 (start at 60% 1RM BS or 65% -70% 1RM FS)
*Perform a set every 2:30
**Make sure all 5 reps are completed within 30 secs
B. Nordic Curls w/ a 3 sec negative: 4×3
*Perform a set every 2:30

Conditioning (Test):

7 min AMRAP:

  • 7 Power Clean
  • 7 Push Press
  • 7 Ring Rows

Choose a weight that you could do for 7 UB Push Press
*Record weight and total reps
6 Rounds:

  • 7 Power Clean (185/120 or 60-65%)
  • 7 HSPU
  • 7 Ring Rows

*Record weight and time


OHS: 3×3 w/ a 3 sec pause at the bottom of reps 1+2


3 min AMRAP of Double Unders

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