“CrossFit Total”

  • 1RM Back Squat
  • 1RM Press
  • 1RM Deadlift

Paleo Challenge:
This is the final test out of our Paleo Challenge. So far, people have been putting up some impressive numbers with the 5 min AMRAP of burpees. Don’t forget to get your body fat testing done today. If you haven’t signed up for a time yet, please come into class early to get it done. Jess will be at the gym all day to test your body fat.
CrossFit Open
Also, don’t forget to sign up for the CrossFit Open. Go to games.crossfit.com to register under the Hardware CrossFit affiliate and team. The CrossFit Open is a 5 week event (one workout is announced every week by CrossFit HQ). You will have the opportunity to complete the Open Workouts on Thursdays and Saturdays of each week. We really encourage everyone to give this a try. There is no minimum fitness requirement to participate in the Open. Everyone, regardless of strength, age, or stamina can compete. You will have fun, and you won’t regret it!

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