Working OUT!

Today, CrossFit Defined Lincoln Square is hosting the 3rd Annual Working OUT – an LGBTQA themed CrossFit Competition. We have many Hardware athletes signed up for this year, and it would be great is we could have a big showing of supporters as well. Opening ceremonies begin at 12:30PM (and they promise to entertaining based on years past)!
So grab your favorite Hardware T-shirt, and head down to 2750 W. Lawrence Ave after classes on Saturday. Let’s cheer on and support our Hardware athletes that are participating, and show off just how great of a community we have here!

Today’s Schedule:
  • 9AM – Foundations
  • 10AM – CrossFit
  • 11AM – CrossFit
  • 12PM – Olympic Lifting

Find a 1RM Thruster*
*May be taken from the rack

Conditioning (Competition):


  • Thrusters (96/65)
  • Pull Ups
Focus of Today’s Foundations:
  • Thrusters
  • Wall Balls
  • Double Unders

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