Memorial Day

This Saturday, during the 10AM & 11AM classes, we will be completing the CrossFit Hero WOD, “Murph” in honor of Memorial Day. It’s your call,…you can do the workout with a weighted vest, scale the movements, or complete it as a Partner WOD!
We will be closed on Memorial Day, Monday  5/30/16.


A1. Weighted Push Ups: 5RM, then 2×5 @ -25%
A2. Weighted Supinated Pull Ups: 5RM, then 2×5 @ -25%

Conditioning (Practice):

4 Rounds:

  • 3/3 Turkish Get Ups
  • 5 Front Squats (65%)
  • 200m Run, 200m Row, or 15 cal Bike
Structural Balance Extra:

A1. Single Arm DB Strict High Pull: 3×8
A2. Hollow Hold/Rock: 3-5x 30-60 secs

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