Blood Donation:

Remember, those who donate blood on or before this Friday, 6/24, will receive a free Hardware CrossFit T-Shirt. Did you donate blood already? Let George or Jess know before the 24th.

In Support of Orlando:

Donating blood is not the only way we will support the survivors and victims’ families. For the month of June, we will donate all net proceeds of T-Shirt sales in the gym to the One Orland Fund (https://oneorlando.org).


Back Squats:4×5  (+5# from last week or 80%), then 1×5+ stopping 1-2 reps shy of failure

Conditioning (Practice):

3 Rounds:
Every 4 minutes complete the following:

  • 400m Run*

AMRAP of :

  • 5 STO (65% 1RM, weight can increase each round)
  • 5 CTB Pull Ups

*If you cannot complete a 400m Run in 2:30, scale to a distance that you can do within 2:30

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