Monday 3/18/24

CYCLE NOTES:  For athletes doing Powerlifting total on 3/30, this week should be treated like a dry run, with the focus being on how to build to the goal weight (and beyond). All athletes can benefit from practicing this. Sticking to the rep scheme to practice speed and form, while leaving gas in the tank to hit the heavy weights successfully. Some of you may want to build strength via volume and do not plan to do the meet. Also great. Your goal should be to ramp up to your first working set so you can get heavy and stay heavy through all 5 sets.

Today’s workout will provide everyone with accessory upper-body work, and should challenge athletes to find pacing that avoids shoulder shut-down.


Bench Press 3-3-3-3-3

STIMULUS: How to build to a heavy load



15:00 AMRAP

6 Shoulder to Overhead

9 Ring Rows

12 Burpees Over Bar


Standard 65/55

RX 95/65

Sport 135/85

Competition 155/125

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