Monday 3/25/24


CYCLE NOTES:  LIFTING MEET PARTICIPANTS SHOULD SEVERELY LIMIT LOAD/INTENSITY ALL WEEK. The goal for you is to work on mobility, sweat enough to feel good, leave fuel in the tank for Saturday. For everyone else, this week is us moving onto an endurance/conditioning focus for the spring. Strength parts of the day are meant primarily to maintain, as well as to emphasize positioning, power and range of motion.

Today should be light & fast. Focus on  range of motion, technique and speed for everyone. Small sets in both the strength and conditioning portions should allow everyone to do everything quickly. Negative pacing (ie, start slow and pick up pace to be sprinting at end),  because we will be shifting focus from strength to endurance in the spring.



5x Alternating EMOM (14:00)

A. 6 Goblet Squats for time

B. 12 RKBS

C. Rest

STIMULUS: Race to rest





Devil’s Press

STIMULUS: Negative pacing attempt



Happy baby

Foam roll glutes

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