Tuesday 3/26/24


CYCLE NOTES:  LIFTING MEET PARTICIPANTS SHOULD SEVERELY LIMIT LOAD/INTENSITY ALL WEEK. The goal for you is to work on mobility, sweat enough to feel good, leave fuel in the tank for Saturday. For everyone else, this week is us moving onto an endurance/conditioning focus for the spring. Strength parts of the day are meant primarily to maintain, as well as to emphasize positioning, power and range of motion.

Today is all about power and maintaining it as the core fatigues. Weights for Push press & pendlay rows should be one bar, set for unbroken and fast sets. Jumping lunges can be VERY challenging for some athletes, so be sure to scale appropriately to something like fast reverse lunges or jump squats.



Upper Body Superset (15:00)


A. 10 Push Press

B. 10 Pendlay Rows

STIMULUS: balance spreed with appropriate load



Alternating LONG TABATA (8x:30/:15)

A. Jumping Lunges

B. MB Situps

STIMULUS: Core endurance



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