Tuesday 3/12/24


CYCLE NOTES: Today’s whole workout should force you to pay attention to posture, especially as it relates to shoulder function and using exercise to counteract the forward-flexion bias of modern life. Presses should get heavier with each set. Focus on slowing your hands down with the row and focus on the squeeze at the end of each row.

Farmers carries outside if weather permits. Weights should challenge grip, but should not alter posture.



Upper Body Superset:  5/5-5/5-5/5-5/5-5/5

A. Single Db/Kb Strict Press

B. Staggered-Stance Band Rows


STIMULUS: Overall shoulder strength



For time:

200m Farmers Carry

160m Waiters Walk (80/80)

120m Rack Carry


STIMULUS: Posture and core stability

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