Wednesday 3/20/24

CYCLE NOTES: AUTOREGULATION! Members who struggle to recover mid-workout, this will challenge you to sprint in the calories after the first round. You have to understand that moving with breath in mind, as well as using deep breathing during the rest to slow your heart rate, will be key to your success today! Remember, pace does not equal slow. We want you to push yourselves today on the machines. Step-ups should be avoided as a modification, today emphasis is speed/power. We want you to be explosive, so plan to jump on something today . If you cannot jump, sub in swings or hang power cleans.

Rest is designed to be AT LEAST one minute. Its length should be determined by the body telling you, “ok, I can try to do my MAX calories in a minute now!” Score = total calories AND average cals in COMPLETED calorie minutes. For example: My total calories was 142. I completed 6 rounds and got 10 calories into the 7th at TIME. So on the board it would read 142/23.




30:00 AMRAP:

A. MAX Calories in 1:00

B. Same number of Box Jumps

C. Same number of V-Ups

D. Rest 1:00 (+)

Score = total calories

STIMULUS: AUTOREGULATION! Learn to know when/how your body gets back to ready

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