Yoga Cancelled this Sunday

Yoga will be cancelled this Sunday 6/19. It will resume the following week.

In Support of Orlando:

After allowing the shock of the massacre in Orlando to sink in, we realize that in a rush to support we unintentionally excluded a portion of our members who may be most personally impacted by this violence, given the country’s current restrictions on blood donors. We are deeply sorry for the hurt and exclusion that we caused.
Donating blood is not the only way we will support the survivors and victims’ families. For the month of June, we will donate all net proceeds of T-Shirt sales in the gym to the One Orland Fund (https://oneorlando.org).
There will be a Pre-Order sign-up sheet up in the gym by Monday of next week.
Community is so important to us here at Hardware, please know that you are all a vital part of our community.


Deadlift @ 30×0 Tempo: 5RM, then -10% for 2×5

Conditioning: (Competition):


  • Hang Squat Clean (115/75)
  • CTB Pull Ups

Turkish Get Ups: 3×3 (each arm)

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